Dada Salon was founded in 2015 by Richie Miao to start a new movement in hair and beauty philosophy. Richie created Dada Salon to be an environment that will develop innovative styles and looks and to allow him and his team to apply their artistic visions in new and ever-changing ways.


Respected for over two decades as a hair stylist and salon owner, Richie has used his experience to gather over 20 other like-minded professionals who share his skill, vision, and drive to form Dada Salon.


  • Hana Campbell
    Hana Campbell Hair Stylist
  • Vielkis Alvarez
    Vielkis Alvarez Hair
  • Soo Young
    Soo Young Hair
  • Monica Nguyen
    Monica Nguyen Hair
  • Mersadeez Brandt
    Mersadeez Brandt Hair
  • Jefalyn Fiesta
    Jefalyn Fiesta Hair
  • Sharon Chang
    Sharon Chang Hair
  • Richie Miao
    Richie Miao Hair
  • Alex Tohara
    Alex Tohara Hair
  • Jamie Keiko
    Jamie Keiko Hair
  • Joy Furushima
    Joy Furushima Hair


  • Kayty Inthirath
    Kayty Inthirath Hair
  • Tristan Isom
    Tristan Isom Hair
  • Tasia Rivera
    Tasia Rivera Hair
  • Melissa Laronal
    Melissa Laronal Hair
  • Kysa Ann Fong
    Kysa Ann Fong Hair
  • Charmaine Benigno
    Charmaine Benigno Hair